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Anita Meyer

analog love

I‘m based in zurich, switzerland. My roots are in the mountains in a lovely town called Engelberg. Thats probably why I‘m a bit obsessed by the alps. I‘m inspired by the nature, old books, artists (Erwin Wurm, Roman Signer, Beni Bischof, Maurizio Cattalan to name only a few), silly trashy items (such as found in japanese 100 Yen shops), movies (Wes Anderson, Roy Andersson, Xavier Dolan), colorful cans from all over the world (islandic peas, japanese red cherries, french fishsoup...) and my wonderful studio surrounding at the basislager in Zurich.

My attempt is to add a second layer on a picture with a twinkle in the eye. I‘m very satisfied when I find the matching couple to create an irritating contrast. As all my collages are analog, it takes some time to find the matching piece.
No photoshoping, just cutting and searching. At the end I‘m laughing, sitting at my desk and think how good life is. For me that is why life is worth living. A way to escape the serious tough world.

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